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CBS Can’t Sue Axanar

By October 8, 2019 October 9th, 2019 Captain's Log

Axanar haters and ignorant bloggers are trying to say that CBS is suing Axanar again.


Not only is CBS not suing Axanar, they CAN’T sue Axanar.  That is right.  CBS can’t sue Axanar.  Why not?  Because the 2017 settlement agreement between CBS and Paramount on one side, and Alec Peters and Axanar on the other side, specifically gives either side a process for resolving any alleged breach of the settlement agreement and disallows a subsequent lawsuit.

The process is…

1) A Party who feels the other party has breached the settlement agreement must serve written notice to the opposing party.

2)  The allegedly breaching party has 10 days to cure that breach or object.

3)  If the allegedly breaching party objects, the party who feels the agreement has been breached has only ONE option, to go to arbitration.

4)  At arbitration a party would have to prove a breach and then prove DAMAGES.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, CBS has sent 6 unique letters to Axanar claiming we breached the settlement agreement.  Sometimes, we see their point and we change something. But often there has been some thing they have claimed is a breach and we disagree and we reject their claim.    CBS has never gone to arbitration.

CBS doesn’t want another war with its fans.  It spent 13 months, during the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, suing its biggest fans.   CBS specifically settled the Axanar lawsuit before the launch of Discovery, and the more attention it draws to Axanar, the Star Trek a huge number of its fans love over their own product, the worse for CBS.

We aren’t CBS’s enemy.  We love Star Trek, and while we had issues with Discovery, we didn’t bash it, we gave it a chance, we loved Captain Pike, and we are genuinely excited for Picard!

We will continue to work within the spirit and letter of the settlement agreement and support CBS Star Trek.  It would be nice if they would support their fans the same way.

Alec Peters

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  • John Watts says:

    Until the COMPLETELY reverse and eliminate their stance on this, and remove ALL the restrictions placed on Axanar and apologize to the cast, crew, and fans of this production, (unlikely, I know) I will boycott all new productions by CBS. I have never watched Discovery, nor do I intend to. I encourage all others to do the same. Death to CBS.

  • Edward J Cox says:

    Good to see this explanation and well said.

  • Jim Vann says:

    CBS blew an opportunity here. Why not partner with Axanar? The quality, based on Prelude to Axanar is of high enough quality to taken seriously by CBS. Why not allow you to complete the film as first envisioned then include it in future DVD releases of ST movies (or some other such arrangement) Everybody wins, the fans, CBS and Axanar. Very short sighted on CBS’s part.

  • Brian Lambert says:

    The haters 15 minutes is fading away quickly. They have to do something, say anything to feel relevant.

  • Jozeph miles says:

    i was trying to launch my own star trek fanfic series on youtube i was told by CDS tostop or i will be sued.

    you guys inspired me

    i am pissed

    so i am making something original

    • Gary Hill says:

      Well said John Watts. I love Star Trek. I love Axanar, it is good Star Trek. The kind I want. Discovery blows, and so does CBS.

      I care nothing for their new productions, and no matter how many alumni cast members they involve, I do not want Trek set in the “STD-verse”.

      Perhaps if they make amends to Axanar and the fans, scrap the crap and start over with some legitimate Trek…..
      Did I mention CBS blows?

  • James Galbreath says:

    This is a very lucid and clear explanation. Thanks very much for sharing this arrangement with us Axanar fans.

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