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Captain’s Log – June 9, 2015

By June 11, 2015 Captain's Log


Today was a crazy day as I was prepping for acting class with Richard Hatch, where I was working on a scene from “The Cage” with classmate Curtis Webster.  But I had to get insurance paperwork done and I HATE insurance paperwork as it always asks stupid questions that have nothing to do with your business.  But I got it done, and got to class on time.

The scene was the scene in Pike’s quarters, which is one of my favorite scenes in all of TOS as it really deals with the burden of command.  Something Garth struggles with too.  Such a brilliant scene.  Curtis and I had fun, and as always, I learned something from Richard.  We will do it again next week.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, not much new.  So Dean took some photos of one section of the bridge from different angles.  No other bridge in the USA can do this.





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